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Diatomaceous earth (1kg)

Diatomaceous earth (1kg)

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Diatomaceous earth are fossilized unicellular algae that have a silica coating, soluble in organic acids.


  • Promotes the plant defense system (production of phytoalexins and phytoantisipins).
  • It gradually contributes traces and subtrace of minor elements and rare earths.
  • Being an insecticide that acts mechanically, insects cannot develop resistance to it, which is the case with many chemical insecticides.
  • Helps control all types of soft-bodied insects
  • As it is made up of algae, it is completely biodegradable and does not leave toxic residues, so it can be used in urban gardens, public spaces and areas where people and animals pass through.


    • as fertilizer
    • pest control
    • Inputs for organic gardens.
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