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Solid mountain microorganisms (1kg)

Solid mountain microorganisms (1kg)

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Mountain microorganisms are a mixture of forest litter, bran and molasses, in which, through a 30-day anaerobic fermentation, these beneficial microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, mycorrhizae, yeasts, etc.) that inhabit the forest litter reproduce. use them later in our crops and orchards in liquid or solid state.

How to use them in solid state?

They can be incorporated into preparations of solid fertilizers or preferred substrates. Put them directly on the ground with rock flour for preparation before sowing and in fertilizing and hilling.

How to use them in liquid state?

There is a practice in which the microorganisms that we capture in the forest are used and reproduced even more, this is done as follows: Activation of solid mountain microorganisms to obtain efficient microorganisms in liquid state With 1kg of solid mountain microorganisms we can make 3 activations of 50L, that is, we can obtain up to 150L of efficient mountain microorganisms.

To carry out the first activation we need :

  • 1kg of solid mountain microorganisms
  • 1kg of molasses 50L of non-chlorinated water
  • 1 bin with a capacity of 50L

We put the solid microorganisms inside a pillowcase and we tie it well with a rope so that it does not escape from the cover, we place it inside the can, in a separate container we dissolve the kg of molasses with a few liters of non-chlorinated water, we incorporate to the can with the micro solids and we complete with the rest of the water, we cover. We let it rest for 4 days, from day 4 to day 15 of the preparation we have efficient microorganisms, it is the stage where there is the greatest microbiological activity, microorganisms available to the plant and assimilable through the leaves, so its application must be foliar (leaves and stem) in vegetables we apply at 30% diluted in water and in trees at 50% every 8 days, for greater efficiency it can be oxygenated with a fish tank pump a few hours before the application, from day 15 we have Greater presence of yeasts, perfect for use in fertilizers and substrates, also for application at the base of plants and the soil in general without diluting. In the second and third activation we repeat the previous steps using the same solid microorganisms that we put in the cover.


Solid microorganisms have a maximum duration of 3 days after being exposed to the air, they should be used as soon as possible after being received. The weekly application of mountain microorganisms activated in the crops progressively improves the appearance of diseases. They can also be applied to plants in delimited spaces such as pots, baskets, cans, etc.

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