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Macadamia Butter 200g

Macadamia Butter 200g

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It is a creamy paste made solely from macadamias, a nut known as the queen of nuts for its delicate flavor, crunchy texture, and creaminess. The butter can be used alone as a snack, spread it on arepas and breads, use it as a base to make vegetable milks and toppings for healthy pastries, to accompany fruits and granolas, to make dressings and vinaigrettes, and to mix with any other preparation where you want to add it. creaminess, natural sweetness and nutty flavor.

It comes from a macadamias forest in Manizales where more than 80 hectares of native forests are protected.

Its flavor is creamy, sweet and with notes of white chocolate.

Ingredients: Macadamias.

Ready-to-eat food
Store in a cool place and out of direct light.
Duration of 12 months.
It does not need refrigeration.

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