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Macadamia (200g)

Macadamia (200g)

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Macadamias are very versatile as an ingredient in different preparations. Because they are soft and rich in healthy fats, you can blend them to make your own butter, milk, and creams.

They are high in Omega 9, their content being very similar to that of olive oil, a source of monounsaturated fat that contributes to good cardiovascular health and diabetes management. To these healthy fats are added the Omega 3 that are recognized for their ability to "lubricate" neuronal interconnections as well as being an excellent source of Thiamine, Riboflavin and Manganese.

It comes from a macadamias forest in Manizales where more than 80 hectares of native forests are protected.

Its flavor is creamy and crunchy, with notes of white chocolate.

Ready-to-eat food
Store in a cool place and out of direct light.
Duration of 12 months.
It does not need refrigeration.

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