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Handcrafted soap

Handcrafted soap

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Ingredientes activos

The secret of soap

Created based on natural ingredients of vegetable origin, which are more beneficial and less aggressive with the skin. It is made by hand from the first to the last step; The process is done cold, manually achieving the saponification of vegetable oils and shortenings, enriched with natural active ingredients.

  • Handmade
  • Cruelty free
  • water friendly
  • natural extracts

Why use handmade soaps?
  • Free of parabens, sulfates, preservatives and toxic components, which makes them an excellent option for people who suffer reactions to chemical products.
  • They contain glycerin, a natural ingredient that prevents the skin from drying out, by always keeping it moisturized.
  • Its vitamins, a great ally for the treatment of skin ailments.
  • They have pleasant and less invasive aromas.
  • They take care of the water.

Recommendations for use
After each use, leave your soap in a place where moisture can drain. We recommend our beautiful pine soap dish, you can also put it on a rack in your bathroom or in a dry place.

Our Soaps

  • wakame and himalayan pink salt —--> Dry and Ripe: Antiage / Antioxidant / Moisturizing and Moisturizing / Exfoliating / helps to release toxins / reduce skin fat.
  • Oatmeal and honey —--> Sensitive and Delicate: Moisturizes/ clarifies skin tone/ Antibacterial/ anti-inflammatory/ Healing/ balances fat production.
  • Calendula, oats and roses —--> Dry & All skin types
    Pro-age/ Moisturizing and Moisturizing/ Soothing/ Balances fat production/ Softener/ Rich in vitamin C/ Ideal for skin conditions.
  • Coconut and black salt from Hawaii —--> Combination & oily skin
    Moisturizer/ Rich in vitamin E, C and B complex/ Provides elasticity and flexibility/ Pro age/ Antibacterial/ Prevents Acne/ Detoxifies/ Emollient

  • Lavender, rosemary and citron —--> Relaxing, All skin types l
    Moisturizer/ Muscle relaxant/ Anti-inflammatory/ Revitalizes and regenerates the skin/ Tones and hydrates/ Antioxidant/ Antiseptic/ Fights acne.

  • Cocoa, coconut and kaolin —--> All skin types
    Nourishing and Moisturizing/ Provides elasticity and flexibility/ Prevents spots, wrinkles and flaccidity/ Antibacterial/ Smoothness/ Homogenizes the tone.

  • Activated charcoal —--> Combination & oily skin: Natural detoxifier / Exfoliating / Antioxidant / Helps circulation / prevents acne / Luminosity to your skin / Elasticity prevents sagging spots and wrinkles
  • Castilla —--> Ultra-moisturizing, Delicate skin: Antiage/ Antioxidant/ Moisturizing & Moisturizing/ Exfoliating/ helps to release toxins / reduce skin oiliness.
  • Moringa & rosemary —--> All skin types: Moisturizing/ Muscle relaxant/ Anti-inflammatory/ Revitalizes and regenerates the skin/ Tones and hydrates/ Antioxidant/ Nourishing.
  • Sulfur -- Acne skin
    Great disinfectant power / effective against acne / exfoliating / absorbs fat / unclogs pores / evens out the tone / antioxidant. Ingredients: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, oleic extraction of plants in vegetable oils, Sulfur, Carrot, Vitamin E. Fragrance.
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