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Rock flour (1kg)

Rock flour (1kg)

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Set of 79 minerals that have the power to remineralize and nourish the soil. Rock meal is a tropical mineral amendment which is an agricultural biostimulant, highlighting phosphorus, calcium and soluble silica (available to the soil and plants).

Rock flour strengthens the immune system of plants and improves yields, promotes root growth and prevents attacks by insects and diseases.

How to use

As raw material for substrates and solid and liquid fertilizers it is necessary to use it, also due to the amount of minerals present it complements and enriches any biopreparation.

For direct application to the soil and plants, add small handfuls spreading over the entire surface.


The soil must be moist for application.

Always try to keep the soil covered or mulsh.

Do not apply directly to the roots of the plant.

For soils in recovery or transition, be consistent in your application.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

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