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Liquid detergent

Liquid detergent

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The ecological liquid detergent removes stubborn dirt on white and colored clothes, leaving clothes clean and with a fresh coconut scent. Thanks to its natural softening and moisturizing agents, its foam is natural and allows it to be rinsed with less water.

Automatic washing:
Light load / light soil: use 15 mL – 1/2 cap approx. Regular Load / Moderately Dirty: Use 35 mL  – 3/4 cap approx. Top load / heavily soiled use 46 mL – 1 capful approx.

Select the garments separating white and colored clothes. Identify the temperature level recommended by the manufacturer of your clothing.

Hand wash: Use 15 mL – 1/3 cap in 10 liters of water, leave to act, scrub and rinse with clean water. It is recommended for delicate clothes. – Check the washing temperature recommended by the manufacturer of your clothes.

Pre wash: It is recommended for heavily soiled clothes. Use 1/2 cap in the cycle corresponding to the model of your washing machine. White clothes use warm or hot water. With colored clothes it is advisable to use cold water so as not to alter the color of the garments.

Drying recommendations: White or light colored clothes can be dried directly in the sun, colored clothes should be dried in the shade.

Composition: Surfactant of natural origin, emulsifier, softener, water softener, optical brightener, colorant, preservative and water.

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