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The Bocashi ✨

Why do we talk about it as "Food for the soil"?🥦🍞

Bocashi is an organic fertilizer that is prepared with natural and diverse inputs in which, during its production process, a fermentation is generated that promotes the aerobic semi-decomposition (with the presence of oxygen) of organic waste. Some of these inputs are:

✨Manure (Ours contains 3 types)

✨ Charcoal

✨ The bran (We use rice flour because it is the one that contains the most carbohydrates)

✨ The molasses

✨ The rice husk

✨ The black earth

✨Mountain microorganisms

✨Rock flour

And many other ingredients that together potentiate the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms, the progressive decomposition of organic matter and the contribution of minerals to the soil, this translates into FOOD for the beings that inhabit it and work tirelessly to provide our plants with nutrition and a lot of life

Place your Bocashi order and give the best to your soil and your plants 🌼

Discount for purchases equal to or greater than 150kg (5 units of 30kg)


Own product 🥰

Mode of use🤓

To sow for the first time in natural soil, use 5kg per square meter.

To sow in delimited spaces such as pots, boxes, baskets, etc. Mix the bocashi with black earth in the same proportion.

To fertilize, use a generous amount depending on the size of the plant, making sure to cover the immediate soil with it. The repetition of the application varies according to the size of the cycle. In vegetables it is recommended to apply every 15 days, in garden plants every month and in trees. every 2 months.


The soil must be moist for application.

Always try to keep the soil covered or mulsh.

Do not apply directly to the roots of the plant.

For soils in recovery or transition, incorporate 15 days before sowing and be constant in its application.

Store in a cool, dark place.

For seedlings, it can be sieved and mixed with soil, coconut fiber, rock flour and any other component of organic origin of your choice.

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