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Cocoa Nibs

Cocoa Nibs

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Chocolate Nibs
Cocoa Nibs are small pieces of fragmented cocoa beans, which have a bitter and chocolatey taste.
They are an excellent source of fiber, protein and healthy fats, nutrients that help promote feelings of satiety.
They can be consumed as:
  1. As a healthy snack : They are ideal at times when you need to "snack" something.
  2. Spicy infusions : They can also be added to spicy infusions such as Chai Teas as it provides them with a unique bitterness.
  3. Smoothies : A small handful can be included in your smoothies in the morning.
  4. Pastry: If you like to cook, it is an excellent option to use them as a substitute for chocolate chips in ice cream or cookies.
  5. Breakfast : One of the most recommended options. If you like to start the day with energy, a bowl with your yogurt, favorite fruits, oatmeal and Cacao Nibs
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