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Mineral biofertilizer (1.5L)

Mineral biofertilizer (1.5L)

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Super liquid fertilizer with a lot of balanced energy and mineral harmony, prepared from mountain microorganisms, whey, molasses and different minerals.

It nourishes, recovers, reactivates the life of the soil and strengthens the plants, at the same time that it serves to stimulate the protection of crops against the attack of insects and diseases.

From individual bioferments per mineral, this is the formulation of our Biol:

Match Calcium Magnesium Potassium Iron Manganese Zinc Copper Bore humitas
650ml 65ml 130ml 130ml 65ml 65ml 65ml 65ml 65ml 260ml

This biofertilizer has been tested in our orchard, specifically in the cultivation of vegetables and aromatic plants with very good results, it is especially recommended for the vegetative phase of the plant.


Dilute the contents of the bottle in 13.5L of water, apply foliarly (to the leaves) with a spray pump or atomizer, biweekly or weekly in the case of vegetables.


Soil must be moist for application

Do not apply directly to the roots of the plant

Keep in a cool and dark place

Store for a maximum period of 6 months


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